Do You Use a Sports Gym Duffel Bag?

Last month I shared some of my favorite trends in workout wear. This week I’m sharing my personal list of gym bag essentials.  My work weeks are busy and unpredictable, and I often do not know what type of workout I will be doing until I am finally able to leave the office for the night. I have become pretty well-versed in being prepared for any type of work out, and if you follow the round up below, you will be too!

Workout Wear: It’s easy to forget to pack the essentials for your workout if you aren’t paying attention. Be sure to have your top, bottoms, bra, socks, and shoes always packed up and ready to go!

Workout-Specific Gear: Whether I am taking boxing or Pilates, I am always prepared and have my specifics packed. I keep a pair of Pilates/barre socks, weight-lifting gloves, and boxing gloves (admittedly stashed in my car to save room) packed at all times.

Water Bottle: Hydration is important throughout your entire day, but it is especially important to replenish your fluids during a hard gym session. A reusable, refillable water bottle will cut down on costs of buying one on the way to, or at the gym.

A healthy snack: If you aren’t always able to plan the time and place of your workout, keeping a small snack in your bag that does not need to be refrigerated will give you just the boost you need at the end of the day.

It wasn’t until recently that I started using a Sports Gym Duffel Bag. I always thought, “No need to waste money and material on something that I don’t really need.” I was dead wrong. Ever since getting a Flyone gym bag, I get the appeal: tons of pockets, separate compartments for clean and dirty clothes, and it’s well-ventilated to keep away funky smells. There are also little extras that I love, like a strap for my yoga bag.

Why it may seem crazy that I didn’t have a gym bag — I am a fitness lover. Lots of people at gym use old fashion style, how about you?see more new style on, we will be your best choice.

Best Uses for Duffel Bags

Travel: waterproof duffel bags are a must-have baggage item for travel. They make your belongings easy to access, and they’re also lightweight, making them easy to carry. Because duffel bags are so perfect for travel, many companies produce rolling duffel bags for added convenience. Many traditional and rolling duffels are sized as carry-on luggage to make your flight plans easier. Duffel bags are also great for road trips, weekend vacations and overnighters.

Sports and recreation: From tennis to basketball, duffel bags are essential for sports and recreation. The size and portability of duffel bags makes them easy to fill with gear and throw over your shoulder on the way to the big game.

Gym: Duffel bags make an ideal gym bag because they’re spacious and easy to clean. They can hold gym clothes, an extra set of street clothes, shoes and personal items, such as shampoo. Duffel bags generally fit into the gym lockers, too, so you can take all your things with you and keep them safe.

Hunting: Hunting duffel bags usually have an arm strap for carrying and come equipped with padding or extra lining to protect equipment from damage. The most popular designs and styles of hunting duffel bags and luggage are made of camouflage fabric and have extra zipper pockets for ammunition and cleaning supplies.

Business: Whether you need to store a laptop or files, there are specially designed duffel bags with protective sleeves and pockets for business items. For a little extra style at the office, look for leather duffel bags.

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How to Clean Outdoor Hiking Backpack?

How to Clean Outdoor Hiking Backpack, here are five steps to clean
Step 1
If you notice a stain, food spill or plant matter (like tree sap or berry stain) on your backpack, wipe it off immediately with a damp cloth (and mild antibacterial soap or detergent if you have some with you). This will prevent staining and will also prevent buildup, which can draw ants and other bugs and cause the material to wear through.
Step 2
When you’re home, give the pack a thorough cleaning (but only when you know there’ll be a few days between your hiking trips). Remove the detachable pockets and clean them separately from the main pack. Brush off or vacuum the pack outside and inside to remove dust, dirt, rocks, sticks and debris. Wipe down the outside and inside with a damp cloth, using mild soap or detergent that is chemical- and dye-free. The chemicals and dyes in traditional soaps can wear through the layers of waterproofing on your pack and increase the chances of rips and tears in the material.
Step 3
To clean corners, use an old toothbrush to scrape out debris, and remember to check between the fabric and the frame for dirt and dust. For zippers, trim all excess threads and remove debris with an old toothbrush. (It doesn’t hurt to use a small amount of silicone spray on the zippers each time you clean your pack to keep them lubricated and prevent rusting or sticking.)
Step 4
Once you’ve cleaned both inside and out, rinse off all traces of soap. You can do this by submerging the pack briefly in a bathtub filled with cold water, but it’s easier on the material and on you to hose it out with a detachable showerhead or a garden hose. Make sure all suds are out and that no soap has built up in corners or small pockets. Hang the pack upside down to dry in a cool, dark area. Hanging it up outside on the line is best, particularly if you can avoid direct sunlight; indoor drying will work if the area is well-ventilated. A circulating or ceiling fan will speed up the drying process, but at least 2 to 3 days of drying is recommended. If smell persists, use a backpack-safe spray that won’t eat away the laminate on the material to freshen it up.
Step 5
It is possible to wash a backpack in the washing machine, but it is certainly not recommended and should be used only as a last resort in cases of mildew, mold or old, smelly food stains. If you’ve tried all the steps above and still feel the pack needs to be washed more thoroughly, you can try the washing machine, but there’s no guarantee it won’t ruin your materials, clasps and attached elements, forcing you to buy a new pack anyway. If using the washer, never soak the pack in soapy water. This can cause holes and tearing in the material. Clean out all debris from corners and seams and remove the frame, all metal stays and detachable pockets. Wash on the delicate cycle in cold water only, and only use a mild or chemical-free detergent. Never tumble dry the pack–always place upside down to drip-dry in a well-ventilated, cool area.

Xiamen Flyone Import & Export Co., Ltd( is located in Xiamen, they produced all kinds of bags, esp. the sports bags, backpack, Travel bags, School Bag and all kinds of soft bags. material with polyester, PVC, Nylon and Canvas. They have 8 production lines and 170 workers. With the monthly capacity in 300,000 pcs bags(about 10 containers). We look forward to working with you together. We can not success without ‘U’.

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How to Keep Your Backpack be a durable backpack

1.About once a month, empty your backpack of trash and unneeded things. Doing this will help you consistently stay a durable backpack. If you do not clean out your backpack regularly, it will become messy and unorganized in just a few months.
2.Look into getting a larger binder. If you get a large binder, you can easily fit folders, notebooks, and all your papers in it. Doing this will keep everything in one spot, and will keep your backpack organized in the long run. Having a binder with all your things neatly inside of it will prevent your backpack from looking from like a tornado went through it.
3.Get a pencil case! Keep all your pencils and pens in one place. This will make everything so much easier and you won’t lose your writing utensils. If you have a main pencil that you mostly use, it helps to keep that pencil in an easily accessible place, such as in a front pocket on your backpack. A pencil case is also good for highlighters, paper clips, erasers, lead, and more.
4.Always use a planner! Most schools provide planners, so purchasing one might not even be be necessary. If your school doesn’t provide planners, definitely buy one! Planners are especially helpful if you forget things easily. Write down all homework assignments, project due dates and even your own personal stuff. If you have a planner, look in it every night, especially if you have homework. Not having a planner could cost your A’s and B’s.
5.Try to not skip putting things back in your binder or pencil case. It will make keeping your backpack organized almost impossible!
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The New style laptop bags for Women

Most traditional laptop bags were not built with women in mind. These generic, black, boring, corporate, drone-looking cases offer little or no pizzazz. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a supercute, fashion-forward tote that will also give your precious machine the protection it deserves. You simply need to know where to look: here at We’ve done the digging to bring you the best-looking shoulder bags that offer safety and style in a design you won’t be ashamed to carry with you anywhere.

FLYONE products are designed with today’s busy people in mind. So this Mother’s Day, treat the busy woman in your life to the gift of “peace of mind” with a women’s briefcase, laptop bag, messenger bag, tote and/or backpack from FLYONE that matches her personal style as well as protects her expensive hardware and irreplaceable data. FLYONE New style laptop bag come in a variety of TSA-friendly sizes for overhead and under seat stowage, with many of the following features:

1. Weather-resistant, high-density nylon and molded panels, as well as leather, corduroy, microfiber and other materials
2. Slim, modern looking designs that leave a lasting, stylish impression (including designs by Maddie Powers)
3. Wireless Security Shield™ protection from hackers and viruses
4. Gel-eGrip™ handles for superior carrying comfort
5. Padded compartments and pockets for computers, tablets, CDs, PDAs, phones and files
6. Separate sections for paper files, magazines and accessories
7. A lifetime warranty

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finish the bag based on the size or the pictures of bag shape that you provided.

3.CUSTOMIZE LOGO: We can put you logo on the bag with different printing like below
show or others(heat sublimation,metal badge,hot stamp,laser cut,etc), just provide us you
logo file like PDF,AI,CDR,EPS or other vectorized file .And 300pcs q’ty per logo is workable.

4.CUSTOMIZE FABRIC: We have our partner fabric supplier and can order client reqeust
mateirals in any color with testing requirments,like REACH,AZO,DMF etc, just send you swatch
to us and advise you request panton color and test requirment, we will do it.

5.OTHER SERVICE: Our sales will reply to you within half day once have you news and any
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Pack a Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag

We think twice about treating ourselves to expensive treats and look for ways to save in other areas. An Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag can be used for just that. By packing your own food, drinks and snacks you will save money and eat healthier. Lunch bag coolers are ideal for the busy office worker or those who travel on the job. It’s so easy to run out to the closest food court, fast food restaurant or the nearest deli and grab some food but it can get very expensive and, let’s face it we don’t make the healthiest choices.

In this economy, it makes sense to invest in a cooler and pack your own lunch and it’s so much healthier. If you have a lunch cooler bag there is no excuse. Make it easy by preparing your lunch the night before. Maybe a Lean Cuisine/WW meal, packet of popcorn and a small packet of almonds. Add some fresh fruit, yogurt or dried fruit. In the morning, pack up your cooler and head to work. Don’t want processed foods? How about a yummy sandwiches/wrap. Pre-prepared sandwiches can get soggy sometimes so below you will find some tips on the best way to enjoy a healthy, fresh sandwich. Again, this can be prepared the night before. Tip for a non-soggy sandwich is to pack everything separate. Whole wheat bread in one zip lock. Deli meat or cheese in another. Lettuce and tomato in another bag. So when you stop for a break, you can assemble your healthy sandwich – it will only take a minute and taste delicious and fresh!

How about a Backpack Cooler combo? These bags are sporty and sleek with a large dry storage section and an insulated section on the bottom. This backpack is ideal for those on the go. If you have a lot of books or files to carry, this cooler backpack combo is ideal! The collapsible cooler bags are a favorite with those that travel throughout the day. There are many sizes and shapes to choose from. On your lunch break, walking away from your desk is always best. It gives you a chance to breathe and really take a break. Find a nice location outside. Maybe a park bench or even a mall close to the office. Somewhere you can relax and enjoy your healthy lunch. Again, preparing your lunch the night before will make it a lot easier for you in the morning to pack your cooler. You’ll save money and improve your health!


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Portable Wine Cooler Bag Carries Your Wine in Style

The Portable Wine Cooler Bag can easily make a fool of anyone around with its delicate look. It will carry your drink in a perfectly good manner without making any damage to your drinks. They come in a whole new range of cool bags, beverage trot, ice bucket and gift bags. They are so versatile and portable that it can be carried to any place by anyone at anyplace.

Are you in search of a cool carrier for your drinks or are you in search of a sleek bag for gifting a buddy his favorite drink? These Wine bag carriers are a ready solution. They are a ready alternative for carrying your drink. They have outdated the mandatory coolers and out marketed the oversized tubs for beverages. What you have to do is simply chose your bottle and the bag, pad the bag with layers of ice, some fresh lime and see the magic your cool wine carrier bags is ready for your use. They are generally made from durable and thick PVC, it’s even watertight and that’s the reason that they don’t leak and sag like the ordinary ones. These are crafted with the ultimate idea of providing portability to the highest. These are strong enough to support it and they come with long handles that ensure its carriage to desired place without any difficulty. Next comes its versatility, it is versatile enough to come in large range of colors, designs and shapes to choose from. It can be customized according to one’s taste and choice. You can just add your name or logo for publicity too. Last but not the least it is environment friendly that is it can be recycled and reused even it is made from recycled materials.

Thus, wine carrier bags are an easy way to impress your friends and add a lot of colors to your party. It is economical and an easy way and the ultimate accessory of the user. For more information,please visit our website any time.


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Travel In Style With A Travel Cosmetic Bag

Instead of having your makeup and cosmetics strewn around, purchase a Travel Cosmetic Bag. This is really an essential item especially for women who travel. These unique little bags are designed in a way that you can use them to organize your cosmetics and have what you need throughout your day. Cosmetic bags are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, styles and materials.

Some wonderful makeup bags are made to look like they have a single compartment. However, when they are unzipped or unrolled, they open up to many separate compartments. Usually there will be an area where your bigger or bulkier items may be stored. Items such as foundation and concealing and face powders may be kept here. Other areas include special parts for containing both eye and lip products. Usually, there are smaller areas in the bag that can hold things like tweezers and clippers.

Choose a bag that contains more than one compartment. This will help keep the different types of cosmetics separate and you won’t have to dig through or dump out all the items to find something you are looking for. A cosmetic bag is especially nice to carry with you while traveling. You can take all the different things you will need to create the looks that go along with each occasion you experience while on your trip.

Some cosmetic bags come with a hanger and can be hung in the bathroom or vanity area. This is especially nice if space is limited. It can be opened up and hung with it contents displayed for easy access. Larger cosmetic cases are available that has a both a top and bottom part. This type is bulkier and larger to store so your best bet is to find a cosmetic case that is made of fabric or leather and is smaller in size. If you want to buy a good bags,contact us quickly!


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Some Tips For Outdoor Camping

Outdoor camping can be the ultimate getaway for family members, friends, romantic partners, and colleagues. However, it can also be potentially stressful and even risky to the campers if there is insufficient preparation. Before going on a camping trip and exploring the great outdoors, participants should carefully plan everything in advance.

First you should choose an exciting yet safe campsite: To avoid these horror scenarios from happening, carefully choose a campsite that is safe yet thrilling at the same time. Avoid locations that are known for many reported missing individuals. If you are bringing kids or minors with you in your outdoor camp, you should all the more intensify your preparations, as well as choose your campsite thoroughly. Ask other campers where are the best places in your area to hike or pitch your tents safely. Second you should determine the terrain of your campsite: Knowing where your campsite is located is not enough. You should be aware of its terrain. For example, if your camping spot is very near the water, you should make sure that you are camping far enough from the water to prevent your equipment from getting wet when the high tide arrives. Bring maps and familiarize yourself with landmarks in the area so you are aware how to get out of the location in case of emergency. Third you should bring the necessary supplies:The necessary supplies that you should bring with you are first aid kits, medical supplies, flashlights, cutting tools like jack knife, spare batteries, and others. These supplies will ensure that you can handle emergency situations in case they arise. It is always a good idea to prepare well for any physical problems from the campers, as well as other emergencies like equipment malfunction and so on and so forth. If you have people who have asthma, allergies, or other illnesses that need to be constantly managed, don’t forget to ask them to bring their medication at all times. Finally,you should bring the right outdoor equipment: By outdoor equipment, we are talking about having the right Outdoor Camping Bag, camping gear such as tents and tent holders, jackets, as well as climbing and hiking gear. All these pieces of equipment are vital to your outdoor trip. Make sure that you are carrying the most portable tools and gear so that you travel light.


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Overview of Nylon Neoprene Laptop Bag

Laptops are becoming a common device today that you can see almost any professional or student bringing one along with them. To carry these laptops with them they often use laptop bags. A laptop case does more than just transport the laptop from one place to another. It offers protection to the notebook in a strong, lightly padded case; this protection includes damages caused by jars or bumps and wetness from rain or spilled drinks. Many of these have padded handles as well as comfortable shoulder strap allowing the user the convenience of hands-free carrying. These things are designed for easy transport and for the protection of the laptop. The materials used in making them often vary from leather, canvas or nylon. The type of bag to buy would ultimately depend on your style and preference.

These tote bags designed for laptop use are made with extra protection to make sure your laptop does not get damaged. The most popular tote bags are made of soft material such as neoprene which fits your laptop well. Women prefer this kind of bag that’s why you may often find these bags with feminine designs. The nylon neoprene laptop bag with extra thick neoprene sides, reinforced corners and a convenient nylon strap for hands-free carrying. These have a big exterior pocket in front for power cords and other accessories and heavy-duty zipper for easy access. This comes in a beautiful water resistant pink color in different sizes. While folks are keep on using their old school and office bags even in tight travelling, why not try the Nylon Neoprene Laptop Bag for your own convenience and protection for your possessions? You can find it at


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